Reseller: How to Resell Tests to Clients

1. Log into your Reseller account. By default the URL is but we may have made a custom URL for you. 

Let's imagine you have a new client enquiry and you need to make an account for them. You can make an account for them in the following way:


2. Click Clients > Create


3. This will bring up a form you can fill in. Enter the new client's details. Only fields with the red asterisk * are mandatory.

  • Brand Portal: The default brand skin is Test Partnership. If we have made a custom skin for you select your custom skin.
  • Client Image/Logo: If you like you can upload a logo of your client. This will show in the candidates' test area.
  • Available Credits: Enter how many credits the client should start with (for example they may have bought some credits already, or they may want some credits as a free trial. If they need more later they can buy more later. 
  • Default Credit Threshold Value: Leave this as default.

When everything is complete, click Save.


4. Now you have made the client account, you will need to add a 'client user' to their account. Click Client Users > Create.

Complete the details for the client's contact. This is typically their recruitment manager or test administrator.

When you click Save, an automatic email will be sent to the new client user, welcoming them to their new account (try adding yourself as a client user to see what happens!).

The client account is now complete! They can log into their account and start testing candidates. 

At this stage the client can either setup their own tests, or you can set up tests for them. Remember you can send our Quick Start Guide to new clients: Quick Start Guide so they can self-serve themselves.


When your client makes a new Project, you can see their project in your Reseller account by clicking Projects (all your clients' projects will display here). When a client makes a new Candidate, you can see their clients in your Reseller account by clicking Candidates (all your clients' candidates will display here). 


5. Adding credits to your client's account. If your client needs more credits, you can add them by going to Credits Order > Create. You will need to enter your client's code (you can check this by going to the Clients section) and the number of credits:

You can invoice the client for however much you agreed with your client. We don't take any share of the revenue. You buy credits from us at an agreed price, and then you are free to re-sell the credits to your client for however much you decide. For example if you add 200 credits to your client's account we will invoice you for 200 credits (at agreed discount) and you can then invoice your client however you choose.


Tip: Create a new client account now to see how the whole process work. You can use your own details to create a 'dummy' client.


Tip: If ever you want to diagnose a problem with a client's account it might be helpful to log in as them so you can see what they see. You can do this by going to Client Users > Login As: 




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