I made a mistake in creating the candidate

Don't worry, this often happens!

The best thing to do in this situation is to just create the candidate again using a different username. Optionally you could also make the old candidate inactive if you like. We describe this in more detail below.


Tip: Credits are deducted only when the candidate starts a test, not when you create them. So you can create as many candidates as you like (with accurate or inaccurate details) without being charged.  


Tip: we recommend creating a new candidate instead of editing the existing candidate because if you edit an existing candidate record, we do not automatically email them again with their new login details.


1. Create a new Candidate

Go to Candidates > Create and enter their details again. Click Send Now.


2. Make Inactive the old Candidate

Go to Candidates > Select the old candidate > Edit

Tick the inactive tickbox. Click Save. 





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