Can I Re-send Invitation Emails?

If you have been given access to the 're-send email' feature, then you will be able to re-send invitation emails to your candidates. This is particularly useful if the candidate no longer has access to that particular email account or if the invitation email was not received. 

Note: you could also just add the candidate again using the correct email since you are not charged any credits for assessments which are created and never completed. 

To re-send an invitation email, first click on the "Results" tab in the green banner and tick the box next to the candidate's name.

Just below the "Results" tab, you will see a tab called "Re-send Email". Please click this tab once you have selected a candidate from the results list.

You will then be given the option to change the email address that you wish to send the login details to. There is also a tick box that can be selected if you would like the candidate's contact email address to be updated to the email address entered.

Once you click "Send", the email will be re-sent to the candidate and you will be redirected to the client portal where the following message should appear:




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