Can I Re-send Invitation Emails?

Yes. Just login to your client area ( then:

1) Click Results > List on the left hand side. This will list all the candidate invitations which have been sent. Find the one which didn't get through (you can use the search box if you like) then when you've found is select it by clicking the little checkbox.

2) Now it's selected you can click the Re-send Email link at the top.

3) Check the email address is correct (you can edit it if you like) and click Send.

Our system will now re-send the invitation email.

Please note this will also reset the candidate's password to a new one (since we don't store their old password anywhere). If by some chance the candidate does find the original email they must use the most recent email because that will contain their correct password. 


Tip: if the candidate still says they have not received the invite email you could re-send it again to yourself and forward it on to them.


Note: an alternative in this situation is to just add the candidate again with a new email address. Since you are charged credits only for started assessments, you won't be charged for the 'lost' original candidate invite you created. 







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