How Can I Keep my Candidates’ Names Anonymous?

Some clients like to use candidate codes instead of names to maintain anonymity and impartiality. We do not recommend this as it can get confusing keeping track of whose results belong to who, however if you would like to do this, here are two ways to do it:


Option 1.  Create the candidate sign-in credentials yourself. This way you have control over their registered name and details.

  1. Log into your client account.
  2. Click ‘Candidates’ in the green menu bar.
  3. Click the green ‘Create’ button beneath the green menu bar.
  4. Select the project you are adding the candidates to, then enter coded First Name and Last Name fields, for example ‘GraduateAA101’. It is recommended that you enter their true email address because emails are not displayed on any results or report.
  5. Now the results reports will display only the coded names you have chosen, not their recognisable real names.

Option 2. Instead of entering the candidate’s details yourself, you can just ask the candidates to enter non-identifying names when they register themselves. Please ask them to use their real email address though as otherwise there is no way to identify each candidate. Email addresses are not shown on any results or reports.

When un-registered candidates use the site for the first time they are asked to register their details. Just ask them to fill in anonymous first and last names, but enter their real email addresses.


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