What Tests do I Select in my Project?

Here at Test Partnership we offer three different aptitude tests, each measuring a specific aptitude. Here is a brief description of each individual aptitude test:

Numerical reasoning test: Numerical reasoning tests evaluate a candidate’s ability to work with, understand and draw logical conclusions from numerical data. Candidates are presented with graphs, tables and other datasets containing commercially relevant numerical information, along with corresponding questions. This test is particularly well suited to roles with a numerical, mathematical or quantitative component.

Verbal reasoning test: Verbal reasoning test evaluate a candidate's ability to understand, interpret and draw logical conclusions from written information. Candidates are presented with passages of written information and required to answer questions based on their understanding of those passages. This test is particularly well suited to roles that involve writing or interpreting written information.

Inductive reasoning test: Inductive reasoning tests evaluate a candidate’s ability to solve problems, find solutions and identify patterns. Candidates are presented with a set of shapes which change based on underlying rules. Candidates are required identify these rules and logically infer the next set of shapes in the series. This test is particularly well suited to roles requiring problem solving and logical thinking.

Combination of all three: Combining the scores of all three aptitude tests provide a measure of general cognitive ability (also known as general mental ability, or g), the most powerful predictor of performance in the workplace. Although general cognitive ability predicts performance across all job roles, its predictive power increases with job complexity. Therefore, for complex graduate, professional and managerial roles, using all three aptitudes is highly recommended.

If you would like our advice as to which test, or combination of tests would be most suitable to your requirements, feel free to email us at or call us on 020-3290-0972. 


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