Which device should candidates use to complete the tests?

Although Test Partnership assessments can be accessed through any device, some devices will provide a better candidate experience than others. Our assessments were designed for use on desktop / laptops, and thus for optimum candidate experience it is advised that candidates undertake their assessments through these devices. However, our platform is mobile responsive, allowing candidates to complete assessments through tablets or mobile devices. This is not recommended, as smaller screens will require significant scrolling and zooming when answering questions. Given that ability tests are timed, this can put candidates at a disadvantage. Please see below for an overview of the device suitability for Test Partnership Assessments:

Desktop or Laptop (recommended): We recommend that our assessments are completed on either a desktop or laptop computer. Having initially designed the assessments to ensure compatibility with desktop or laptop computers, an optimal candidate experience will be provided when completing the assessments through these devices.

Tablet: We advise against completing our assessments through a tablet if possible. The smaller screen size may cause difficulties for candidates, requiring excessive scrolling or zooming. This may put candidates at a disadvantage to candidates completing the assessments on a desktop or laptop computer.

Mobile (not recommended): We strongly recommend against completing our assessments through a mobile device. The small screens on mobile devices will place candidates at a disadvantage, requiring significant scrolling and zooming to complete questions. Of all the available devices, mobile devices are the least suitable for completing Test Partnership assessments.

These recommendations are most applicable to completing timed Test Partnership assessments. When completing untimed personality questionnaires, the additional time required for zooming and scrolling will be much less detrimental than during a timed assessment. Nevertheless, desktop and laptop computers will still provide the best candidate experience for untimed assessments.


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