Extra Time (e.g. dyslexia)

It is your legal requirement to make 'reasonable adjustments' to accommodate a disability. One of the most common adjustments you can make to a test is to allow extra time. For example people with dyslexia might have a psychologist's report saying they should get 25% extra time in exams and tests. 

Adding extra time to a candidate's test is easy, but it must be done before the candidate starts their test

1. In your client portal ( navigate to Candidates on the left hand side. If you are creating a new candidate, click Create. If you are editing an existing candidate, click List and then select the candidate you want to edit and then click Edit. 

Now you can add extra time for the candidate. 


Ticking the checkbox will add 25% extra time to all tests the candidate takes.

We see 25% being the most frequently requested time addition. If you know you need to add more time (and have a good basis for doing so) you can add a custom time factor by clicking Custom Time Factor and entering a specific amount of extra time (up to a maximum of double time; beyond this the validity of the test starts to become affected).


This field is extra percent time. For example enter 50 for 50% extra time (i.e. x1.5 standard time) and enter 100 for 100% extra time (i.e. double the standard time).

With the extra time applied, that candidate will always get extra time for any project they are invited to. 



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