CSV Upload Candidates

To add a large number of candidates you can upload a CSV file. Log in to your Client Account and navigate to Candidates > Create.

Expand the drop-down box to reveal the CSV upload option:


The CSV file has to be in a specific format otherwise it will not work as intended. When you go to upload your CSV file you are also given an option to download a "Sample CSV" file to use as a template:


The sample CSV file itself looks like this when you open it:


Each field represents the following values:

ProjectId: this is the ID of the project you would like to add candidates to. You can check the ID of your project by going to Project > View

Title (not mandatory): Candidate's title.

FirstName: First name of the candidate.

LastName: Last name of the candidate.

Email: email address you would like the candidate invitation emails to go to.

Username (not mandatory): if you enter a value here it will be used as the candidate's username. If you leave this blank, we will automatically generate a username for the candidate.

PhoneNumber (not mandatory): Candidate's phone number.

BccEmail (not mandatory): Email address you would like to BCC into the candidate invitation emails.

TimeFactor (not mandatory): If you enter TRUE and the adjacent column FactorPercentage is empty, the candidate will get 25% extra time. If you enter TRUE and put a number between 1 - 99 in the FactorPercentage column, they will get that percent extra time. For example in the screenshot above the candidate with email will get 50% extra time, the candidate with email will get 25% extra time, and the candidate with email will get no extra time.

FactorPercentage (not mandatory): If you put TRUE in the adjacent column TimeFactor then you can enter a value here to increase the candidate's time limit by the relevant percentage. For example a value of 5 would add 5%, 20 would add 20%, 50 is 50% and so on. Most people will not need to use this field because it is very rare to need extra time above 25%.




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