Homescreen Overview

This is a quick overview of the four main tabs in your client admin area.

Client Users

Manage who in your organisation has access your administration area. Most people have just one user but you can create several users if you like.




Create, view and edit Projects. A project contains a test or a group of tests which your Candidates have to complete. For example you might create a project called "New Finance Manager June 2014".




Create, view and edit Candidates registered on the system. You can add Candidates and then invite them to complete any of your Projects. If you have lots of Candidates all applying to one Project it might be quicker to let Candidates register themselves onto the system. Candidates can register themselves and join one of your Projects by going to and entering the secret Access Key.



All the assessment sessions on the system. Each completed assessment shows as 'Submitted' and for these you can view or download the results. 


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