Project Access Keys

Each project can optionally have an 'Access Key' associated with it. Project Access Keys are an advanced feature which not everyone will want to use, but here is how they work.

The Access Key feature is useful if you anticipate so many candidates using the system that you'd rather candidates registered themselves onto the system rather than you having to manually add each candidate yourself.

When candidates go to they can either log in or they can register themselves (if they know your project Access Key). 

If the candidate registers using your project's Access Key they will automatically register as one of your candidates and be invited to take your project.

So if you you'd rather candidates registered themselves, all you need to do is give them your Project Access Key and tell them to register at Then sit back and watch the results come in. 

Be careful not to let the world know your Project Access Key, otherwise you might end up with lots of people taking your test even though you're not interested in assessing them (and being deducted credits for these unnecessary completed tests).

To remind yourself of the Project Access Key you chose when you created your project click Projects, select one of your projects, and click View or Edit.


TIP: instead of telling candidates to enter your Project Access Key when they get to you can send them a direct link with a query string that auto-fills this field for them. For example if your Project Access Key is aAbBcC you can send this link to your candidates:

Try clicking that link to see what we mean.




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