Job Fit Score

The Job Fit score is an optional feature which you can use to help find candidates with the best personality 'fit' for your role. 

The Job Fit score is an averaged score across the personality traits you pick. Just drag and drop the traits most important to the role.


So for example if you were looking for a sales manager and wanted to see an average of the following traits: Approachable; Assured; Free Thinking; and Sociable, you would drag those four traits across into the 'Assigned Job Fit Scales' box.

This doesn't change the content of the personality questionnaire; it just changes how we show you the results. For the sales manager example used above, the Job Fit scale will show in the candidates' report something like this:

Which means the average of those four traits we picked has a Sten score of 4. This feature is useful if you want to quickly compare several candidates at a glance.

If you don't need this averaged Job Fit scale don't worry; you don't have to use it (only about 25% of clients choose to use the Job Fit scale feature).  



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