Buying Credits

To buy more credits, click the blue "Billing Overview" button at the top of your client account, then click Buy More Credits.

On that page you can enter the number of credits you want, fill in the card details and click Buy. Your credit balance is updated instantly and we will email you with a PDF VAT receipt. 


You only need credits to view or download results. Setting up a project or adding candidates does not cost any credits (because we know that sometimes candidates drop out or don't start their test, so it wouldn't be fair to charge you for those).

Your credit balance is displayed on your client pages:

If your balance falls below zero credits, your Assessments tab (results) will deactivate and projects which have been set to automatically email you the reports will stop sending you the reports. So it's a good idea to keep your credit balance positive. 

Don't worry if your credit balance does fall below zero; your tests will stay open and this won't affect your candidates in any way. All that happens is you won't be able to see reports.



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